Since 1995, Keystone Aviation has provided The Complete Solution for aircraft charter, aircraft maintenance, aircraft management
and aircraft sales & brokerage from the Intermountain Rockies to around the world. Keystone Aviation is a TAC Air company.

Aircraft Sales & Brokerage

If you are looking to buy or sell an aircraft, our expert sales team can walk you through what can be a tedious and confusing process for the inexperienced seller or buyer.

The Complete Solution

From air charter, fleet management, aircraft maintenance, to sales and brokerage, Keystone Aviation is The Complete Solution for all your aviation needs.

Choosing A Charter Service

Choosing a charter service is easy with Keystone Aviation. Our dedication to The Complete Solution insures that we take every detail into account for your comfort and safety.

Keystone Aviation Client Testimonials

Huntsman Cancer Foundation is grateful for the generous, consistent support we have received from Keystone Aviation each year since 2010.  Thanks to Keystone’s steadfast commitment to the fight against cancer, our foundation has been able to foster teamwork by offering gatherings of top industry leaders.  This has allowed us to unite leaders who have the will, passion, and financial resources to speed cancer research.  In all, this effort has raised $7MM for cancer research since 2010 – and thanks to Keystone, all those funds fueled cancer research – not airplanes.  Through creativity and entrepreneurial know how, Keystone is literally Changing the DNA of Cancer Care.

Susan SheehanPresident & COOHuntsman Cancer Foundation

Thank you Keystone Aviation and more importantly the crew for the excellent service provided to us during our flight from Price, Utah to Billings, Montana and back on Friday 5-15-15. Excellent service, excellent equipment, excellent crew – thanks for making our very hectic trip an enjoyable experience. Please pass our thank you on to the crew. If we need similar services in the future we will surely contact Keystone.

Steven MartinezProduct Support Manager

I just wanted to send you a quick “thank you” for the outstanding work you did last night in getting the port authorities to come in after hours. Had you not gone to the extent you did last night to make this work, a little baby would not have received her heart transplant. “Thank you” for all you and your team do.

DirectorOrgan Donor Organization

I would like to personally thank Dave Tomek for all of the help he provided us working through the 4 aircraft we had maintenance issues with – we had 4 days of very long hours! Without all of your help and support we would not have got those broken planes back in the air. Keystone is a stellar company with kind professional staff and provide unconditional support! Thank you!

Chuck Crossan

I can’t tell you the difference it makes working with Keystone. My heart just sinks when I hear you all are booked and cannot cover one of my trips. I have to give myself time to sulk before even looking beyond Keystone. Without naming any names, I can tell you that other operators do not even come CLOSE to the care and attention I get from Keystone. As a broker, that is all I have once a trip is in place…is interaction with the operator to get answers for my client. It is REALLY important to keep the lines of communication clear so that I can continue to be their point of contact. Keystone is BY FAR the BEST at allowing me the insight and details to do my job and I can’t express what that means to me and my company.

Operations ManagerCharter Brokerage Firm

Stopped in Salt Lake with a maintenance issue. TAC Air as always was super courteous and efficient. Got us a hotel and rental car. Keystone Aviation was backed up on maintenance but promised to take a look the next morning. We figured out probably what the problem was and they applied a little palliative care. We got on our way to our next destination without a problem. Ultimately, we replaced the part in question. We were very thankful to Bruce Tanis at Keystone and to the ladies behind the counter at TAC Air. Highly recommended. They treat us piston riffraff as nice as they treat the big iron.

Paul C. Hollowell

Thank GOD I used you! After 8 years working in this industry, I have not come across many operators that care as much and put as much effort into making our flights run seamlessly. I really appreciate the partnership, and you sticking with me on Sunday’s sleepless night. I have some more trips on the horizon to Barcelona and Zurich… I’ll be in touch with dates and hopefully we can get something on the schedule for the near future (if you are willing to deal with my craziness again). Thanks again for everything!

Senior Executive Account ManagerCharter Brokerage Firm