Chief Pilot, Salt Lake City



Position Title:  Chief Pilot, Salt Lake City

Expectations for All Employees:

All employees support the organization’s mission, vision, and values by applying the principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity, and commitment that is exhibited through a collaborative culture based on safety, quality and security.

Positions Summary:

The Chief Pilot is responsible for operational and administrative oversight of the entire pilot group. The Chief Pilot is also required to maintain a liaison with the Director of Operations and Flight Operations Manager in all operational matters.  The Chief Pilot will work with the VP of Flight Operations and the Director of Operations on pilot matters ranging from operations and training scheduling to pilot manning and pay issues.  The Chief Pilot is responsible to ensure the Keystone Aviation pilot corps is ready to support all company flying operations.  Minimum of two years FAR part 135 experience highly desired.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities include but not limited to:

Meets the qualifications required by FAR 119.71(c).

  1. Ensures compliance with applicable rules, regulations, and organizational standards including all department managerial responsibilities regarding the Safety and Quality Management Systems. Identify any deficiencies, develop, implement, and verify preventative and corrective measures and will be held accountable for quality and safety results. Communicate any appropriate issues with the proper regulatory authority regarding issues of safety and quality.
  2. With the VP of Flight Operations and the Director of Operations, the Chief Pilot is responsible for pilot corps employment and evaluation matters.
  3. Performs duties as a flight crewmember when required.
  4. Promotes the organization in industry associations.
  5. Has overall responsibility for the day to day and long range scheduling and efficient utilization of the pilot group and aircraft.
  6. Coordinates training needs and scheduling to ensure that adequately trained pilots are available for all trip needs. Executes direct oversight of the operations training department.
  7. Ensures a properly qualified Pilot-in-Command and Second-in-Command (when required) is designated for each flight.
  8. Works closely with the Director of Maintenance to ensure that aircraft maintenance problems do not unnecessarily disrupt scheduled flight operations.
  9. Enforces company and customer policies and procedures including safety, quality, and security programs. Any corrective actions due to internal or external audits are addressed and implemented in an acceptable time frame.
  10. Reviews all departmental job descriptions annually to ensure position responsibilities and qualifications requirements are documented, practical, appropriate, and achievable. Any changes in expectations, competencies, and responsibilities will be addressed regardless of technical and regulatory proficiency requirements.
  11. Ensures all departments function as a system and not as isolated entities.
  12. Responsible for identifying, evaluating and implementing mandates from external sources ensuring compliance with these mandates when performing assigned duties.
  13. Supports the Quality Management System and ensures operations meet or exceed external audit requirements (ARG/US, Wyvern, EJM/NetJets, etc.)
  14. Manages customer relations and monitors customer satisfaction through surveys and other alternative methods.
  15. Is responsible for aircraft charts and related publications.
  16. Designates check airmen and aircraft flight instructors. Executes direct oversight of the Check Airmen program.
  17. Is responsible with the Director of Maintenance for preparing and submitting the Mechanical Interruption Summary Report required by FAR 135.417.
  18. Shall participate in the investigation of, and make a report to the VP of Flight Operations and Director of Operations on any aircraft accident, reportable incident, records discrepancy, or airman flight violation.
  19. Is responsible, with the Director of Operations, for ensuring that pilot records are maintained to FAA standards.
  20. Ensures that a copy of each load manifest is retained at the crew base for a minimum of 30 days.
  21. Is responsible for the aircrafts’ “stores” and other expendables used with the aircraft.
  22. Administers the Lead Pilot program.

Qualifications/ Competencies

Program Management – Effectively balances pilot requirements and desires against company goals and mission. Supports the COO, VP of Flight Operations, and Director of Operations in ensuring safe, effective, and efficient use of company time and resources.   Effectively coordinates activities across several company organizations including aircraft management, sales, and maintenance.

Customer Service – Manages difficult or emotional customer situations, responds promptly to customer needs, solicits customer feedback to improve service, responds to requests for service and assistance, and meets commitments.

Interpersonal Skills – Focuses on solving conflict through positive collaboration, maintains confidentiality, keeps emotions under control, remains open to others’ ideas and tries new things.

Managing People – Exhibits confidence in self and others, inspires and motivates, takes responsibility for subordinates’ activities, provides performance feedback, fosters quality and safety in all operations.