5 Reasons to Have Your Aircraft Professionally Managed

Buying an aircraft is a big purchase and a huge commitment. This means you want a management company who has the expertise and experience to ensure your aviation asset is protected, ultimately protecting you in the process.  Here are the top 5 reasons you should have your aircraft professionally managed – some might surprise you.

  1. Safety and Compliance: Buying and operating an aircraft involves greater regulations than most purchases, and with good reason. Depending on whether your use is for personal or business purposes, you must document your flights properly and abide by the applicable FAA regulations. You must also ensure a qualified crew is hired, and properly trained at an FAA certified facility. Keystone Aviation operates using the top safety programs in aviation. We are Air Charter Safety Foundation approved as well as an ARG/US Platinum Operator, and Wyvern Wingman Operator.  All of these programs are in place to ensure your aircraft is operated at the highest safety standards.
  2. Cost savings: The most common misconception among aircraft owners is that having your aircraft professionally managed means spending more because you have to pay the management company. Management companies, particularly part 135 management companies, actually help subsidize some of the cost of owning an aircraft. For example, Keystone Aviation has fuel contracts with all major world-wide fuel vendors, which means substantial fuel savings. Our fleet buying power also saves you money on maintenance, pilot training, and aircraft insurance.
  3. Charter: Keystone Aviation is a FAR Part 135 certified air carrier, which means it can charter your aircraft legally and safely, further reducing your aircraft cost with the charter revenue. Another major benefit of professional management with Keystone Aviation is that you get discounted rates on the entire fleet if you need to utilize another aircraft.
  4. Asset Protection: Tracking all of the details about an aircraft is a lot more complicated than you think. To do it meticulously and timely takes a whole team.  Keystone Aviation tracks all of the aircraft maintenance, subscriptions, documentation, and record keeping for your aircraft, as well as reconciling all expenses related to the operation of your aircraft and crew.  This not only keeps it running properly, but also enhances the value of your aircraft.
  5. Maintenance: Fixed wing aircraft require significant maintenance. Paying another company can cost extra money in excess fees for travel, oversight and tracking.  Keystone Aviation’s Salt Lake maintenance facility is an FAA approved, Part 145 Class IV repair station and is one of the largest maintenance providers in the Intermountain West.  This means, Keystone’s maintenance can work with most aircraft companies and maintenance programs to oversee them in-house.

To learn more about aircraft management, give Charlie Chamberlain a call at 801-933-7568.