Professional Aircraft Management

Optimize Your Aircraft’s Performance In The Air And On The Books

Your aircraft is an investment and Keystone Aviation will help you protect, manage, and optimize its performance in the air and on the books. With services ranging from maintenance and regulatory oversight, to pilot services, we’ll work to protect you and your aircraft.

You will also enjoy a nationwide fuel discount, as well as opportunities to save through our fleet discounts on insurance, maintenance, parts, and hangar costs.

We can further reduce your cost of ownership by putting your aircraft to work as part of our charter fleet when you’re not using it, all while ensuring your aircraft is always available to you.

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Keystone Aviation Aircraft Management Services:

Operational Enhancement

  • 24/7 hangar space
  • Charter revenue opportunities
  • Pilot Services
  • Schedule, supervise and provide pilot training
  • Flight risk assessment tools
  • Fatigue risk management
  • Wyvern and Air Charter Safety Foundation Audits
  • Engine and airframe program management
  • Aircraft record keeping
  • Navigation charts, manuals and subscriptions
  • Provide loading of updates to avionics
  • Provide aviation specific human resource management
  • All services are conducted in accordance with the company’s Safety Management System

Regulatory Enhancement

  • Oversee compliance with FAA, DOT, IRS and EPA regulations
  • Frequent audits of FAA, DOT, IRS, and EPA compliance
  • Oversee compliance with manufacturer’s maintenance requirements
  • Assure compliance with Mandatory Service Bulletins
  • Evaluate Recommended Service Bulletins for implementation
  • Assure compliance with Airworthiness Directives
  • FAA approved and audited drug screening program
  • Implement and comply with Homeland Security requirements

Aircraft Sales

  • Detailed market analysis
  • Accurate aircraft valuation
  • Aircraft photo shoot
  • Creation of specification sheet
  • Pre-release to online broker services
  • Print advertising in top aircraft sales publications
  • Web advertising on top aircraft sales websites
  • Dealer network communication
  • 1031 exchange
  • Aircraft demonstrations
  • LOI and contract negotiations
  • Expert tax and legal counsel referral
  • FAA documents
  • Closing transaction oversight