Aircraft brokerage services from Keystone Aviation

1289852453_1Keystone Aviation is the largest and most experienced aircraft dealer in the Intermountain West.  Located in Salt Lake City, Keystone Aviation is a TAC Air company and full service dealer for Piper, Socata and HondaJet.

In addition to the direct dealer lines, Keystone Aviation also offers complete aircraft brokerage services for both buyers and sellers. With any  aircraft transaction, there are many aircraft specific options, differences in avionics, maintenance, ownership histories and individual aircraft concerns. When you engage us as your agent we will define each of these, how they impact your aircraft transaction, and assist you with choosing the best aircraft for your mission or in getting top dollar for your current aircraft.

Please see the description below of our comprehensive Buyer’s and Seller’s Agent service. As your Agent we never accept any payment from a seller, as many other brokers do, but will not tell you. That type of conflict of interest can quickly work against you, with your being steered to an aircraft for the sole reason that the seller has offered a “finders fee” to the broker. As your agent, we work strictly for you and in your best interest.  

If you would like to engage Keystone Aviation as your agent in the purchase of a pre-owned Mirage or Meridian, we are Piper experts, as well as many other aircraft models. We can assist you with selling your current aircraft or with purchasing the best value aircraft on the market that meets your mission.

Since Keystone Aviation is an established and long-term aircraft dealer, including new aircraft distributorships (Piper and Socata) for a large part of the western US, we have a thorough knowledge of the overall aircraft market and many individual aircraft.

Our operations also include acquisition and sales of corporate jet aircraft on a domestic and world-wide basis. Our team will be able to assist you in acquiring the best value aircraft at the lowest price possible at purchase. Buying with the assistance of Keystone Aviation offers buyers a great sense of security in their purchase, which also assists us with gaining the highest sale price for your current aircraft.

Keystone’s agent service includes market analysis, aircraft research, proposal and explanation of the best candidate aircraft and comparables, negotiation of the best possible sale or purchase price, drafting contract terms and negotiations with language that protects you as the owner or buyer, arranging deposits and escrows, overseeing inspections, review and negotiation of any squawk repair or price allowances, test flights, FAA paperwork, escrow closing and payments, transfer of ownership and delivery.

This is a very comprehensive and time-consuming service and we have a team of people that back us up in this process.  Our services will relieve you of the burden and risk associated with attempting to sell or purchase a highly complex aircraft.

In addition to a higher sale price or lower purchase price, our services and negotiations will protect you and save you far more in money, time and aggravation than what the brokerage fees total. The standard agent fee for the sale or purchase of an aircraft is 6%, and as noted above Keystone’s services will save you far more than this amount during the sale or acquisition process.

Please let us know if we can assist you by acting as your agent, and assure that you “Get what you pay for” in your aircraft sale or acquisition of a well maintained aircraft at an excellent value.

Chase Bennett
Piper Sales Manager
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