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8 Reasons to Choose Aircraft Management

Let’s face it, airplanes are complex machines, but we believe a Keystone Aviation managed aircraft can be a valuable tool to enhance your business and elevate your personal life. When you consider regulations, safety, training and insurance, among other things, the complexity associated with operating an aircraft can be rather daunting.  Management companies provide expertise […]

Tips for Booking a Private Jet Charter

There are countless people every day flying for both business and pleasure. While many opt to travel via commercial flights, there are those who prefer the ease, comfort, and convenience of booking a private jet charter. Taking a private charter to any of your chosen destinations is surely one of the best ways to fly. […]

Seven Notable Experimental Aircraft in History

There are a myriad of aircraft designs available today—more than enough to accommodate all of the modern man’s needs. Of course, almost all of today’s planes are an improvement on the experimental designs people dreamed up in the past. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at seven of the most notable experimental […]

An Interview with An Air Charter Pilot – Part 1

Ever wonder what it’s like being a charter pilot?  We’ve got some answers.  We interviewed one of our pilots and here’s what we found: Q:  What do you like best about being an air charter pilot? A:  The variety is great.  Every day is a different destination, a different customer, a different challenge.  I’ve also […]

Infographic: Evolution of the Airplane

We admit we’re a little partial to the open skies, and we have a fondness for the rich history and technological innovation that surrounds the history of airplanes, so we’ve created a evolution of the airplane infographic to show the history of air travel. For example, did you know: The first metal aircraft was a […]

9 Sights Better Seen from an Airplane

A long flight can be stressful and sometimes just plain daunting, but while you are in the air, there are a number of sights better seen from an airplane window that can’t be matched from the ground. We have included below 9 visual wonders that are better seen from an airplane. Watch for them on your […]

The Seven Largest Aircraft Ever Built

It’s been said that the first world war played a vital role in the advancement of aircraft technology because of the need for faster, tougher and, of course, bigger planes. Since then, a myriad of aircraft designs has come out to address more modern (and peaceful) needs—some even larger than the ones that came before […]