Benefits of Aircraft Management

Benefits of Aircraft ManagementWe talk a lot about the many benefits of aircraft management, but not everyone knows exactly what aircraft management means.  So we thought we would take a few minutes to answer the question:  What is Aircraft Management?

Most people have heard of property management where the owner of an asset hires a third-party to take care of the asset.  Property management is often used by owners of rental properties, such as apartment and office buildings, who don’t have the time or inclination to keep up with the maintenance and day-to-day operations of those properties.

Aircraft management is the same concept as property management, but applied to aircraft.  An aircraft is a fantastic tool to enhance your business and elevate your personal life, but most aircraft owners would rather focus on their business and their family, not on the operation of their aircraft – that’s where aircraft management comes into play.

The owner of an aircraft can enlist the services of an aircraft management company to oversee the many facets of aircraft ownership.  Airplanes are complex machines subject to many rules and regulations.  Keeping an aircraft compliant, well-maintained and safely operated can be a daunting undertaking without the expertise offered by an aircraft management company.

However, most aircraft management companies will allow an owner to pick-and-choose which services they need – an al-a-carte menu if you will.  Aircraft owners can often choose from a wide variety of services, including:

  • Aircraft scheduling
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • FAA compliance services
  • Fleet insurance discounts
  • Pilot services
  • Pilot training
  • Volume fuel purchasing
  • Aircraft record keeping
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Part 135 charter revenue opportunities
  • And the list goes on…

Some owners want a turn-key experience where the management company acts as an agent in order to coordinate everything from the maintenance and insurance to the daily flight operations.  Other owners just want assistance with the regulatory or compliance aspects.  Regardless of the owner’s needs, aircraft management provides expertise and resources to make aircraft ownership as simple as possible.