Celebrating 20 Years of The Complete Solution

coffee_bar_slide_16-1Keystone Aviation, a TAC Air company, is celebrating over 20 successful years as a world-class aircraft charter, management, maintenance and aircraft sales and brokerage provider.

Keystone Aviation’s roots date back to 1995 when it began as a franchise FBO operator. From there, Keystone Aviation rapidly expanded into other aviation service lines. During its first year, the Company added a Piper Aircraft dealership and service center and its maintenance department obtained FAA certification as a Part 145 Repair Station.

By 2007, Keystone Aviation had built a successful aircraft brokerage business, was appointed as a TBM Aircraft Dealership, and was selected to be one of only five HondaJet dealers in the United States.  Also during that time, Keystone Aviation’s maintenance department was granted the exclusive Class IV maintenance status by the FAA, authorizing Keystone Aviation technicians to work all types of fixed wing aircraft.

After 17 years of strategic growth, Texas-based wholesale refined petroleum products marketer and FBO network operator Truman Arnold Companies (TAC) recognized the value and potential of bringing Keystone Aviation into its operations.

Today, Keystone Aviation is stronger than ever. Aircraft sales territories are expanding across the United States and Canada and the FAA certified HondaJet is being delivered into the hands of excited customers. Charter services lead the industry in safety and are optimizing the use of an expanding fleet and renovated sales and ops facilities. More aircraft owners are realizing the value of “The Complete Solution®” for aircraft management services and maintaining it all is a maintenance department that is growing in technological expertise, accreditations and scope of operations with the addition of a Garmin Service Center and more.  And behind it all is Keystone Aviation’s amazing team of dedicated aviation service professionals who are among the best in the business.

Here’s to the next 20 years of aviation excellence!

The HondaJet Conquers the Concours


McCalls Motorworks Revival

Keystone's HondaJet at Monterey Jet Center

Keystone’s HondaJet at Monterey Jet Center

Monterey Car Week.  The name conjures up a vision of spectacular automobiles displayed in one of the planet’s most spectacular settings. The week comes to a close at Concours d’elegance, a world-renowned event considered to be the most prestigious of its kind. People in the know however, begin their week with an equally sought-after ticket:  The McCalls Motorworks Revival at the Monterey Jet Center. This year, the Keystone Aviation HondaJet was an acknowledged star, the centerpiece of the most exclusive combined automotive-aviation event in the world. Nearly one thousand special guests had the opportunity to try the new jet on for size, have their photo taken while relaxing in the leather seats, and have their questions answered by Keystone’s HondaJet specialists and pilots.

Keystone’s HondaJet at Morgan Adams Concours d’Elegance

On the surface, another combined event known as the Morgan Adams Concours d’elegance appears to be a close cousin to the Monterey party. However, a longer look revealed a much deeper, and in many ways much more thought provoking experience.  Over 1,500 guests entered the APA TAC Air facility through a hall lined with large photographs of dozens of children. Only a careful examination of each photograph revealed a sad fact: all of these happy-looking kids suffer from cancer.  Each and every one of our fellow exhibitors, and each and every one of the attendees who bought a ticket to view our HondaJet was contributing to a larger, more noble cause.  Those of us from Keystone fortunate enough to participate were a bit more careful in our step, and a little quieter in our usual ‘sales pitch’.  It served as a reminder of how lucky most of us truly are, and how gratifying it is to be able to contribute.

The ‘Flight’ Against Cancer

Loading up to go to Driggs

TAC Air employees help load up golf clubs

On August 19, 2016, Keystone Aviation’s charter department once again answered the call for the fight against cancer.  For the 7th straight year, the Huntsman Cancer Foundation called upon Keystone Aviation to Accomplish an airlift of golfers from Salt Lake City to Driggs, Idaho for a day of golf at the Huntsman Springs Golf Course.


Part of Keystone Aviation’s fleet ready to take flight

Each foursome donated $50,000 to attend and all proceeds went to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.   TAC Air SLC donated fuel and line services while Keystone donated pilot services and arranged for owners to donate aircraft.


The President & COO of the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, Susan Sheehan, said “Huntsman Cancer Foundation is grateful for the generous, consistent support we have received from Keystone Aviation each year since 2010.  Thanks to Keystone’s steadfast commitment to the fight against cancer, our foundation had been able to foster teamwork by offering gatherings to top industry leaders.  This has allowed us to unite leaders who have the will, passion and financial resources to speed cancer research.  In all, this effort has raised $7 million for cancer research since 2010 – and thanks to Keystone, all those funds fueled cancer research – not airplanes.  Through creativity and entrepreneurial know how, Keystone is literally Changing the DNA of Cancer Care.”

HondaJet Tour Visits the Bay Area

Bird's-eye view from the HondaJet of San Francisco Airport

Bird’s-eye view from the HondaJet of Almeda Island in  Oakland, CA

After a great turn-out in Denver, Colorado the next stop on the HondaJet tour included a display of the aircraft on March 16th   at the San Jose International Airport, and March 17th at the Oakland International Airport.

This was the first time a HondaJet has visited either of these locations, and the Bay Area was very excited to see the aircraft first-hand. Each HondaJet static display allows attendees to see this remarkable aircraft up-close and in-person. “The people we meet during the tour enjoy learning about the the airplane” says Jeff Jerman, Keystone Aviation pilot and sales representative.

HondaJet at Static Display

HondaJet at Static Display

No matter where the HondaJet visits, it attracts a great deal of attention. The HondaJet’s truly original structure and features drive people to learn more about the aircraft. As one of the few completely new aircraft designs to be attempted in the last 15 years, the HondaJet is truly a unique and innovative sight to behold.

For more information about the next stop in the HondaJet tour contact: Mike Parker at 801.933.7509.

Keystone Aviation’s Daher TBM Sales Territory has expanded

Complete KSA TBM sales territoryKeystone Aviation has officially enlarged the sales coverage for Daher’s TBM very fast turboprop aircraft, adding four Canadian provinces and one additional U.S. state to its area of responsibility.

The new geographic zone comprises the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia in Canada, along with the most northwestern U.S. state – Alaska.  This territory is in addition to the company’s previous coverage across the U.S. states of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming and Montana.

“We’ve had a fruitful 10-year partnership with Keystone Aviation in promoting and supporting our very fast turboprop aircraft throughout the Northwestern United States,” explained Nicolas Chabbert, Senior Vice President of the Daher Airplane Business Unit. “The next step is to build on this relationship by expanding into Western Canada and Alaska.”

Headquartered at Salt Lake City International Airport, Keystone Aviation has been a TBM dealer since 2006, with its experienced sales team achieving continuous growth in the company’s dealership business activity for new aircraft.

Brian Jones – Socata Sales Director for Keystone Aviation

“With our expanded sales territory, we will be able to introduce the TBM’s benefits of speed, comfort and efficiency to many potential new customers,” said Brian Jones, Keystone Aviation’s TBM Sales Director. “The TBM family appeals to owners and operators who desire an aircraft built to commercial airline standards with point-to-point performance equivalent to light jets, while having the ability to operate on almost any runway.”



Wi-Fi now available in flight on select Keystone Aviation Charter Aircraft

Gulfstream G200 Charter

Gulftstream G200. One Keystone Aviation’s aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi

Did you know? Keystone Aviation now offers free domestic Wi-Fi onboard its Gulfstream G200 Charter Aircraft.  Whether traveling for business or leisure, this new modification allows Keystone Aviation’s charter clients to stay connected.

“We are working hard towards getting free Wi-Fi in all 12 of our charter aircraft by next year,” says Charlie Chamberlain, Flight Ops Sales and Business Development for Keystone Aviation.

With the ever increasing need for internet accessibility individuals and businesses need to stay connected at all times. Keystone Aviation recognizes the value of having Wi-Fi as an option, “Many of our charter clients view corporate aircraft as a business tool.  The addition of Wi-Fi makes that tool even more effective,” says Mike Parker, VP of Aircraft Sales for Keystone Aviation.

The Gulfstream G200 is in the top of its class in the Super mid-size jet category. With a range of 3,800 nautical miles, and a cruise speed of 530 mph, the Gulfstream G200 has the ability to fly up to 10 passengers comfortably anywhere in the world.  With the addition of Wifi in Keystone Aviation’s Gulfstream G200, flight time becomes productive time.

For additional information on chartering the G200 or information on the complete Keystone Aviation charter fleet, visit keystoneaviation.com or call 888.600.1070

Jerry Osoro Becomes Keystone Aviation’s First HondaJet Type Rated Pilot

jerry-jeff-honda-jet-certificationWith the achievement of HondaJet’s FAA type certification in early December, Jerry Osoro became Keystone Aviation’s first HondaJet type rated pilot.

Jerry flew to Honda Aircraft Company in Greensboro, North Carolina for the 14 day, intensive Flight Safety training program. In the aviation industry, most jet aircraft require pilots to be “type rated” meaning the pilots have obtained the correct education and passed the standardized practical and flight tests in order to fly that particular aircraft.

Jerry Osoro has been a pilot with Keystone Aviation and a FAA Check Airman since 1999.  Jerry is Keystone Aviation’s Director of Flight Standards with total flight time of over 18,000 hours.  The HondaJet type rating becomes Jerry’s eighth aircraft type rating, including the Gulfstream G550 and Gulfstream G200.   Going forward, Jerry will be flying the Gulfstream G200 and the HondaJet.

“Jerry has been a valuable asset to our organization for almost 20 years and we are very pleased that he is a part of not only our HondaJet operations, but HondaJet’s aviation history,” said Kim Page, COO of Keystone Aviation.

The HondaJet is the fastest, quietest, and most fuel-efficient aircraft in its class. Deliveries of the HondaJet began in December, 2015 and the type-rating of pilots was an important step in delivering the HondaJet into the hands of customers.   Way to go Jerry!

Elevating Personal Lives In The Air, And On The Ground

utah food bankThe tagline for Keystone Aviation is “Enhancing Business. Elevating Personal Lives.” The development of this line is a result of thoroughly analyzing exactly what the mission of Keystone Aviation is. While obviously one’s immediate thoughts are related to general aviation, Keystone Aviation’s associates don’t stop there. By investing his time and energy with The Utah Food Bank, Keystone Aviation associate Scott Tucker elevates the lives of those who are less fortunate. In describing his experience volunteering for the Utah Food Bank, Scott describes, “I think the first thing that strikes you when you arrive is just how big the operation is, from its building to rows of packaged food that are ready for delivery, it’s an enormous operational endeavor.” He continues, “everyone is focused and there is a real sense of esprit de corps among those of us who have come to hopefully make a difference in our community. Even with Utah’s economy that weathered the Great Recession better than most states, the statistics regarding hunger cannot be ignored:

• 1 in 6 Utahans are at risk of missing a least one meal a day

• 472,000 of Utahans are food insecure, that is 17% of Utah’s population

• 1 in 5 Utah Kids are unsure where their next meal will come from (as a parent, that one hurts the most)

• The Utah Food Bank has been actively engaged in serving the needs of Utah’s hungry for more than 100 years. Last year, 69,000 nutritionally stocked back packs were distributed to children at 32 after-school sites, 202,000 meals were served to kids of low income families, and the Food Box Program delivered over 41,000 boxes to seniors and those with disabilities who participate in the monthly food assistance program.

Scott’s involvement in the Utah Food Bank is just one of the numerous examples of “A Passion For Service” that make up the TAC culture, on the ramp, in the office, and in personal lives. If you would like to learn more about the Utah Food Bank, CLICK HERE to visit their website.

Benefits of Aircraft Management

Benefits of Aircraft ManagementWe talk a lot about the many benefits of aircraft management, but not everyone knows exactly what aircraft management means.  So we thought we would take a few minutes to answer the question:  What is Aircraft Management?

Most people have heard of property management where the owner of an asset hires a third-party to take care of the asset.  Property management is often used by owners of rental properties, such as apartment and office buildings, who don’t have the time or inclination to keep up with the maintenance and day-to-day operations of those properties.

Aircraft management is the same concept as property management, but applied to aircraft.  An aircraft is a fantastic tool to enhance your business and elevate your personal life, but most aircraft owners would rather focus on their business and their family, not on the operation of their aircraft – that’s where aircraft management comes into play.

The owner of an aircraft can enlist the services of an aircraft management company to oversee the many facets of aircraft ownership.  Airplanes are complex machines subject to many rules and regulations.  Keeping an aircraft compliant, well-maintained and safely operated can be a daunting undertaking without the expertise offered by an aircraft management company.

However, most aircraft management companies will allow an owner to pick-and-choose which services they need – an al-a-carte menu if you will.  Aircraft owners can often choose from a wide variety of services, including:

  • Aircraft scheduling
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • FAA compliance services
  • Fleet insurance discounts
  • Pilot services
  • Pilot training
  • Volume fuel purchasing
  • Aircraft record keeping
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Part 135 charter revenue opportunities
  • And the list goes on…

Some owners want a turn-key experience where the management company acts as an agent in order to coordinate everything from the maintenance and insurance to the daily flight operations.  Other owners just want assistance with the regulatory or compliance aspects.  Regardless of the owner’s needs, aircraft management provides expertise and resources to make aircraft ownership as simple as possible.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Salt Lake City

A portion of the Salt Lake City skyline can be seen over the TAC Air ramp

A portion of the Salt Lake City skyline can be seen over the TAC Air ramp

Salt Lake City, Utah ranks among the top cities in the country classified as a “Family Vacation Destination”.  Only Orlando and Honolulu rank higher than Salt Lake City!  Let’s find out why…

According to a recent article published in a popular travel magazine, Salt Lake City impresses travelers and entices visitors in many ways.

And here they are…

#10 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:

Family friendly vacationing

  • Salt Lake City is the gateway to some of the most family friendly travel around.  Families travel from all over the world to visit the many wonderful and diverse Utah destinations.
  • “The Greatest Snow on Earth” (We’ll talk more about this as the #3 reason to visit Salt Lake City).
  • Historic Temple Square and the LDS Church Visitor’s Center host many of the patrons visiting the headquarters of the Mormon Church.  Missionary work, Family History and Genealogy research, weddings and semi-annual Church conferences attract thousands of visitors each year.
  • High desert, Rocky Mountains, Deep Canyons and Red Rock Formations abound throughout this popular vacation state.  Utah is home to 5 National Parks, and 8 National Monuments visited by over 300,000 people each year.

#9 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:

Peace and quiet

  • Utah is nothing if not peaceful, serene and pleasant to visit.  Some may say it is not wild enough…and those folks may find Las Vegas or Miami more appealing.  We have a different saying here…”What happens in Utah, stays in your heart, and travels back home with you, proudly”…ok, that isn’t really a saying, and we basically just made that up…but it is true that Utah embraces those who come looking for shameless fun and rich family adventure!

#8 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:


  • Ah, culture!  Believe it or not, Salt Lake City is full of culture.   We are home to Ballet West, the Utah Symphony and Opera, the Sundance Film Festival, Pioneer Theater Company, the Deer Valley Music Festival and many other highly respected organizations that bring the arts to life.

#7 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:

Local specialties

  • Great food and tradition can be found throughout the city’s local restaurants.
  • Aside from the top restaurant chains and premier food and steak emporiums you would expect to find in a major city, Salt Lake City has been highlighted in surveys and television shows focused on finding some of the top local foods in the country.

#6 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:

Best places to stay

  • Outstanding hospitality and incredible customer service highlight the canvas of every business establishment you’ll find in Salt Lake City.  It isn’t just a good practice or trendy marketing approach…it is our way of life here in Utah.  We “aim to please”, “live to serve”, “host with the most”…we could go on and on, but you get the idea.  Salt Lake City caters to you and your family with every intention of impressing you and inviting you back again and again.

#5 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:

Attractive People (yep…they actually published that one)!

  • Pretty is as pretty does…We think one of the reasons Salt Lake City is considered to have so many attractive people is, well, thanks to all of you wonderful and attractive visitors, coming to our city on the day they took that poll.  Ha!
  • But seriously, what is attractive?  Salt Lake City is an active “outdoorsy” place, and our citizens enjoy clean living and healthy lifestyles.  Being active is the core of our “attractive” people…and we think fun, friendly and happy people are attractive, no matter where you find them.
  • Speaking of active people…Westminster College in Salt Lake City had more athletes at the 2014 Winter Olympic games than any other college or university in the world!  A total of 23 U.S. Olympic athletes hailed from Westminster College – that’s 10% of the Sochi U.S. Olympic Team!
  • It is said that beauty is more than skin deep, and we can back it up.  Utah’s higher education establishments are world renowned.  BYU, the University of Utah and other schools attract top students from around the world in science, education, business, family studies, behavioral science, research, medical and legal fields.  We are often among the nation’s top athletic polls, as well.

#4 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:


  • Salt Lake City is a thriving community with great leadership driving the local economy to stay healthy and maintain value and fiscal responsibility.  Local businesses are healthy and able to provide incredible service, at a good value, to our local residents and out of town guests.

#3 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:


  • As we said earlier…Utah boasts about having The Greatest Snow on Earth.  Deep, dry and plentiful powder trials dominate the winter playgrounds accessible via Salt Lake City.
  • Visitors from around the globe flock in the winter-time to ski and play in the wonderful white stuff from November to May.

#2 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:


  • Salt Lake City has a low crime rate, friendly population and access to safe public transit and pedestrian areas.  When you come to Salt Lake City, you can plan to find your car where you parked it, your room as you left it and your family as safe and sound as you expect them to be.

And the #1 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:


  • Kind of boring, we know…but truly appreciated by native Utahans and visitors alike.  It just feels great to be in a city that keeps the streets clean.  Whether you are walking around downtown, skipping from restaurant to nightclub or shopping…a clean and comfortable impression adds to your visit and stays with you as you remember your trip, and even plan your next trip to Salt Lake City.