Customer Service Representative – Salt Lake City, UT

Jobs_CSR_2Position Title:  Customer Service Representative – Salt Lake City

Reports to:      Customer Service Manager

Shift(s) Available:  All Shifts – Full Time – Part Time – AM and PM – Weekends

Expectations for All Employees:

All employees support the organization’s mission, vision, and values by applying the principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity, and commitment that is exhibited through a collaborative culture based on safety, quality, and security.

Positions Summary:

To provide support for our customers and pilots and to assist all service departments in the most efficient, safe and effective manner possible with the highest regard for customer service.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  1. Welcomes customers by greeting them, smiling, using their name and/or introducing him/herself.
  2. Handles multiple tasks including answering the phones, helping customers at the counter, arranging catering/hotel/transportation, processing fuel tickets and communicating over radio devices.
  3. Updates TotalFBO throughout the shift to reflect all daily activity.
  4. Evaluates and anticipates customers’ needs by looking ahead, checking the TotalFBO, CRM and communicating with fellow employees.
  5. Collects payment from customers for services rendered and/or goods purchased.
  6. Maintains appearance of the lobby, kitchen and restrooms.  Restocks customer items as needed.
  7. Maintains highest levels of client confidentiality.
  8. Processes all pending invoices while researching and updating information on any remaining pending items.
  9. Follows all batch out and reconciliation possesses and procedures.
  10. Builds daily rental car log to distribute to line personnel.
  11. Follows established procedures for handling lost and found items.
  12. Ensures all crew cars are accounted for and logged out properly.
  13. Makes suggestions to improve current situations.
  14. Maintains professional and technical knowledge by periodically attending training sessions and taking proficiency exams.
  15. Maintains professional manner and high level of customer service at all times.
  16. Maintains professional personal appearance. Wear only TAC Air issued uniform in clean, pressed and properly fitting condition. Business dress applies to shoes and jewelry. Accessories should be minimal. Excellent personal hygiene must be maintained.
  17. Maintains flexibility with job assignments and scheduling requirements.
  18. Works as a team by cooperating with fellow employees, respecting fellow co-workers and communicating information to keep everyone updated.
  19. Maintains excellence in honesty and integrity in the workplace.

Qualifications/ Skills

  • Must be able to stand for most of the shift.
  • Must have a great attitude and smile with confidence. Team skills are required with awesome communication and follow-up. Must be able to listen and multi-task.