Keystone Aviation Empty Legs

Empty Legs Currently Available – Call 888.600.1070

Occasionally, Keystone Aviation will book a charter trip that requires a reposition of the aircraft without passengers. These empty legs charter trips are then offered to the general public and other private charter operators/brokers at discounted rates.

2/23/17 Phenom Colorado Utah 5 Seats
2/23/17 G150 Utah Arizona 9 Seats
2/24/17 Pilatus Utah Texas 7 Seats
2/25/17 Pilatus Utah Northern California 7 Seats
2/26/17 G200 Utah Arizona 10 Seats
2/26/17 Pilatus Northern California Utah 8 Seats
2/27/17 Hawker 900 Utah Northern California 8 Seats
2/28/17 Pilatus Texas Utah 7 Seats