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There is no other transaction that compares to the sale or purchase of an aircraft. Regardless of which side of the sale you’re on, there is always the risk of unexpected costs, delays, unpleasant inspection results and more. Adding multiple parties to the equation complicates matters even more.

When approaching a sale or purchase as significant to you or your company as that of an aircraft, you owe it to yourself to have Keystone Aviation on your side. With nearly a billion dollars in aircraft transactions managed on our watch and a lead-to-close rate of over 75%, Keystone Aviation has a proven record as well as the expertise, facilities and experience to ensure your interests are met.

Make the right investment.

Needs Assessment – An aircraft is not a purchase – it’s a commitment. Total cost of ownership while meeting your aviation needs is the single most important metric we use in matching you to the right aircraft. This is just a part of Keystone Aviation’s “Complete Solution” to your private aviation requirements.

First, we listen to you. Your desires, experiences and anticipated flight expectations are where we start. Next, a complete study of your travel demands is factored using historical data such as location, frequency, number of passengers, even seasonal factors. From this data, Keystone Aviation narrows the field to a range of appropriate choices. Once the optimal aircraft is determined, we’ll find it for you.

Purchase Approach – Determining the right approach on funding, ownership structure, inspections, tax strategy and all the other related components of the transaction and anticipated usage is critical. Our team is the most experienced in the Rockies, and one of the most experienced in the world.

Exit Strategy – Your aviation habits will most likely change. When they do, you don’t want to be saddled with the wrong aircraft. The time to develop an exit strategy for an aircraft is not when it’s time to sell, but when you buy. Keystone Aviation factors an exit strategy as part of the needs assessment for every client. As you needs change, Keystone Aviation will be there to right-size you to the proper aircraft as efficiently as possible.

Make the right call.

Our aircraft sales & brokerage team represent the finest in the industry. Our staff members are consultants with multiple world-class aircraft manufactures and support industry suppliers. No other aviation firm in the world can bring the complete solution for your transaction in as professional, concise and efficient manner like we can.

Talk to us.

It may be difficult to imagine a transaction where everyone wins. For us, it’s difficult to imagine anyone losing. Our commitment is to bring value to all parties involved by applying our skills and experience to make the transaction as efficient as possible at one of the lowest fee and rate structures in the industry. Our sales and business philosophy is really quite simple – to enhance your business and elevate your personal life. We just happen to do it with aviation.

We are anxious to hear from you. The first call is complimentary. Let’s get started on developing “The Complete Solution” for your aircraft sales & brokerage transactions.

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Socata Sales Director

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Chase Bennett
Piper Sales Manager
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VP, Aircraft Sales
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