The Traveler’s Handbook to Empty Leg Flights

If you are looking for a way to save on a private jet charter, then you should consider empty leg flights.

Empty Leg FlightsWhat is an empty leg flight?

Air charter operators usually fly customers round-trip. However, there are instances when a client doesn’t need to use both legs of the round-trip charter flight. These one-way scenarios create a situation where one of the legs of the round-trip flight booked by the original client is empty.

Charter companies often make these one-way empty flights available for other clients at a discounted price, resulting in a win-win situation for both the air charter companies and would-be clients. Keystone Aviation often goes one step further and refunds the original client a portion of their round-trip payment, creating a win-win-win situation.

How much can you save with an empty leg flight?

Things to note: You must be flexible with your flight schedule in order to fully benefit from an available empty leg. Since empty leg flights originate through another customer, if the original customer changes or cancels their flight, your empty leg will also be changed or even cancelled. Be aware, while air charter operators will generally give refunds for a cancelled flight, they usually do not offer a replacement flight in cases when the original flight is cancelled or changed.

Availability of empty leg flights varies considerably. It may be easier to find one if you are flying to a popular destination. Customers who fly to a destination frequently for either business or pleasure may also benefit because the routine nature of the travel may create the flexibility to take advantage of the savings. Also, air charter peak times, such as the holidays, may mean more availability of empty leg deals.

Empty Leg FlightsHow do I find available empty leg flights?

Many air charter operators will post available empty legs on their websites. Keystone Aviation offers a current list of its available empty legs at: Available Empty Legs

In order to keep customers informed when empty legs become available, Keystone Aviation sends direct email alerts for empty legs. You can go to Keystone Aviation’s website daily or weekly in order to monitor the empty legs in hopes of finding one that fits your schedule.  Or…you can let us know that you are interested in empty legs and when one becomes available, Keystone Aviation will send you an email directly to alert you that an empty leg has been added.

Empty leg flights are an efficient way to save on air charter expenses. If you cannot be flexible with your dates or times, then you may be better off booking a traditional charter flight instead. However, with flexibility, can come real savings for the fantastic experience that is private aviation.

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