“There’s an APP for That” – Promoting Aviation Safety

We enjoy working in the fast paced general aviation industry.  While fun and exciting, this environment poses serious hazards that include, spinning propellers, jet engine blasts, and ground equipment moving every which way. The consequences of an accident could be devastating. Keystone Aviation is committed to promoting aviation safety.

How do we communicate best practices and promote behaviors that lead to a safer work environment, reduced damage, and injury claims? “There’s an App for that!”  No, we are not referring to the little icons on your electronic device that help you find the best restaurants or the latest movies near you.

When we use the term App, we are referring to Activities that Promote Prevention – “APP” What are we trying to prevent? …. Accidents! (which include employee injuries and damage to aircraft and equipment).

Often, all it takes is a little reminder to correct an unsafe behavior or to reinforce the training that leads to safe practices. Yes, you could say Wake Up! Pay Attention! Be Safe! But that only goes so far. We have found that if we identify the specific best practice or activity to increase awareness and promote it through visual reminders and training, people tend to retain and practice the activities until they become habits.

During our new hire orientation process, we introduce the program to the employees along with a list and explanation of previous Apps. We also use visual and video aids to better illustrate the message.

The APP Process

First, identify the best practice or the message you want to convey – most of the time it’s right in front of you. App messages can be found in:

  • Operating manuals
  • Industry standards
  • Results of hazards that have recently been identified through your Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Products of a near-miss or an incident that has occurred

Second, communicate the message in the form of posters, lanyard tags, post on the company intranet and use written instructions to blast the message to all employees in the company.

Lastly, monitor that the message is getting out and practiced. Observe the operation to measure the level of compliance. If we see an employee wearing a lanyard with an old App, we welcome the opportunity to educate and convey the new message. The App message becomes a month-long campaign.

APP Examples

  • “It’s Ok to Ask” – If you’re not 100% sure how to do it. ASK!
  • “No Running Vehicles” – Do Not leave any vehicle running while unattended.
  • “Red Tag It” – All employees are expected to Stop or Intervene when witnessing a potential hazard or unsafe situation.
  • “3’ Rule” – Maintain 3 feet of separation from other Aircraft or any Obstacle when parked.

So, the next time you hear, “There’s an app for that,” think about what you are doing to promote safety and reduce accidents in your organization and how you convey the message.