Top 10 Reasons to Visit Salt Lake City

A portion of the Salt Lake City skyline can be seen over the TAC Air ramp

A portion of the Salt Lake City skyline can be seen over the TAC Air ramp

Salt Lake City, Utah ranks among the top cities in the country classified as a “Family Vacation Destination”.  Only Orlando and Honolulu rank higher than Salt Lake City!  Let’s find out why…

According to a recent article published in a popular travel magazine, Salt Lake City impresses travelers and entices visitors in many ways.

And here they are…

#10 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:

Family friendly vacationing

  • Salt Lake City is the gateway to some of the most family friendly travel around.  Families travel from all over the world to visit the many wonderful and diverse Utah destinations.
  • “The Greatest Snow on Earth” (We’ll talk more about this as the #3 reason to visit Salt Lake City).
  • Historic Temple Square and the LDS Church Visitor’s Center host many of the patrons visiting the headquarters of the Mormon Church.  Missionary work, Family History and Genealogy research, weddings and semi-annual Church conferences attract thousands of visitors each year.
  • High desert, Rocky Mountains, Deep Canyons and Red Rock Formations abound throughout this popular vacation state.  Utah is home to 5 National Parks, and 8 National Monuments visited by over 300,000 people each year.

#9 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:

Peace and quiet

  • Utah is nothing if not peaceful, serene and pleasant to visit.  Some may say it is not wild enough…and those folks may find Las Vegas or Miami more appealing.  We have a different saying here…”What happens in Utah, stays in your heart, and travels back home with you, proudly”…ok, that isn’t really a saying, and we basically just made that up…but it is true that Utah embraces those who come looking for shameless fun and rich family adventure!

#8 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:


  • Ah, culture!  Believe it or not, Salt Lake City is full of culture.   We are home to Ballet West, the Utah Symphony and Opera, the Sundance Film Festival, Pioneer Theater Company, the Deer Valley Music Festival and many other highly respected organizations that bring the arts to life.

#7 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:

Local specialties

  • Great food and tradition can be found throughout the city’s local restaurants.
  • Aside from the top restaurant chains and premier food and steak emporiums you would expect to find in a major city, Salt Lake City has been highlighted in surveys and television shows focused on finding some of the top local foods in the country.

#6 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:

Best places to stay

  • Outstanding hospitality and incredible customer service highlight the canvas of every business establishment you’ll find in Salt Lake City.  It isn’t just a good practice or trendy marketing approach…it is our way of life here in Utah.  We “aim to please”, “live to serve”, “host with the most”…we could go on and on, but you get the idea.  Salt Lake City caters to you and your family with every intention of impressing you and inviting you back again and again.

#5 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:

Attractive People (yep…they actually published that one)!

  • Pretty is as pretty does…We think one of the reasons Salt Lake City is considered to have so many attractive people is, well, thanks to all of you wonderful and attractive visitors, coming to our city on the day they took that poll.  Ha!
  • But seriously, what is attractive?  Salt Lake City is an active “outdoorsy” place, and our citizens enjoy clean living and healthy lifestyles.  Being active is the core of our “attractive” people…and we think fun, friendly and happy people are attractive, no matter where you find them.
  • Speaking of active people…Westminster College in Salt Lake City had more athletes at the 2014 Winter Olympic games than any other college or university in the world!  A total of 23 U.S. Olympic athletes hailed from Westminster College – that’s 10% of the Sochi U.S. Olympic Team!
  • It is said that beauty is more than skin deep, and we can back it up.  Utah’s higher education establishments are world renowned.  BYU, the University of Utah and other schools attract top students from around the world in science, education, business, family studies, behavioral science, research, medical and legal fields.  We are often among the nation’s top athletic polls, as well.

#4 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:


  • Salt Lake City is a thriving community with great leadership driving the local economy to stay healthy and maintain value and fiscal responsibility.  Local businesses are healthy and able to provide incredible service, at a good value, to our local residents and out of town guests.

#3 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:


  • As we said earlier…Utah boasts about having The Greatest Snow on Earth.  Deep, dry and plentiful powder trials dominate the winter playgrounds accessible via Salt Lake City.
  • Visitors from around the globe flock in the winter-time to ski and play in the wonderful white stuff from November to May.

#2 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:


  • Salt Lake City has a low crime rate, friendly population and access to safe public transit and pedestrian areas.  When you come to Salt Lake City, you can plan to find your car where you parked it, your room as you left it and your family as safe and sound as you expect them to be.

And the #1 Reason to visit Salt Lake City:


  • Kind of boring, we know…but truly appreciated by native Utahans and visitors alike.  It just feels great to be in a city that keeps the streets clean.  Whether you are walking around downtown, skipping from restaurant to nightclub or shopping…a clean and comfortable impression adds to your visit and stays with you as you remember your trip, and even plan your next trip to Salt Lake City.