Keystone Aviation Welcomes New Vice President of Flight Operations, Scott LaForge

Keystone Aviation welcomes Scott LaForge as the new Vice President of Flight Operations.  Scott’s daily responsibilities will consist of providing oversight for the operation of the flight department and its safety standards.

Scott LaForge did not start in aviation by accident. At 13 years old he met a friend in school who worked at the airport and who was also taking flying lessons. Interested, he went with his friend to the Cape Cod Massachusetts airport, instantly falling in love with flying. He immediately got a job building banner tow signs and washing aircraft at 2 dollars an hour and paved his own way up through to becoming an Airline Transport Pilot. His dedication to aviation would eventually turn into 20,000 safe flying hours with several type ratings and multiple high level positions managing aviation businesses.

Scott’s love for aviation doesn’t end in the sky, when asked what he liked most about aviation his answer was “all the nuts and bolts” of the bu

siness. His ultimate success is to create an extremely safe and satisfying experience for customers. Having been in the industry for over 30 years, Scott has found himself immersed in the diversity of the entire aviation industry, more specifically, the diversity of operating an aviation business and maintaining the highest level of safety. He mentions, in the heat of battle operating an aviation company, safety is always at risk if the proper systems are not in place. Scott adds, “The safest way to fly an airplane is to tie it down and go home and don’t fly it at all. Therefore a responsible aviation team manages risk every moment of day”.

Scott’s expertise and background in aviation makes him a sure fit for his new position at Keystone Aviation. His main internal goal is to “create, motivate and move together in unison as a team”. When not focusing on Aviation inside the office, Scott’s hobbies include playing the drums, hiking with his wife Kye, horseback riding and feeling the freedom of flying.